EN 13795 醫療布 T65

EN 13795 Medical Fabric T65




スタイル番号 T65 試験方法
組成 99% Polyester filament Yarn ASTM-D-629

1% Polyester base Conductive Yarn

Teflon®HTcoating finish

織り 1/1 Plain, 5mm stripe
重量 138 g/y, (97g/m2) ±5% JIS L1096-6.4.2
59 inch (150 cm) ±2%
密度 Warp: 171 ends/inch (67 ends/cm) ±5%
Weft: 103 ends/inch (41 ends/cm) ±5%
糸の種類 Warp: Polyester 75D/72F; Conductive Yarn
Weft: Polyester 75D/144F


  1. Comply with EN 13795 Standard Performance and AAMI PB-70 Level 2 & Level 3
  2. Composed with micro-fiber, it is lint free
  3. Processed with High water repellency, excellent hydrostatic and liquid penetration
  4. Chemical, microbial and stain resistance
  5. Embedded with conductive yarn, to create anti-static property and less particle adherence
  6. Non-slip surface
  7. Acceptable for medical laundry and sterilization, such as Autoclave
  8. Reusable and durable for several times of laundry and sterilization
  9. Good tensile and bursting strength


Front panel of surgical gown