Graphene Heated Vest

Product No:R-2726

Product Description

Heating Element and Graphene Combination Best Heating Performance

  • Inner Layer is coated with Graphene, experience far infrared heating
  • iQmax® high performance heating element, connect power and experience instant warming!

Graphene Coating Technology, Greater Heating Performance

Asiatic Fiber Corporation is Taiwan’s leading functional and smart textiles manufacturer, we integrate next-gen material “Graphene” into our heated vest, combining the best of both materials to provide transcendent heating experience


  • Designed for easy integration with your daily fashion
  • Three stage temperature setting (45°C/40°C/35°C).
  • Constant warming performance up to 3~6 hours using 10000mAh power bank
  • Washable for more than 50 times
  • Patented heating technology

How to Use

  • Connect both ends of controller to vest and power bank, and press the heating level you desire (connecting end on vest is at left pocket).
  • Use with USB charging stand, computer or any commercially available power bank (recommended output voltage/current of 5V/1.0A or more)

Suggestions & Precautions:

  • Turn off
  • Remove controller before washing (controller is not washable)
  • Hand wash with neutral detergent or use laundry bag for machine wash