Brand Story

Finding a supplier can sometimes feel like a huge task, especially when it is on the other side of the globe; communication can seem tedious, sometimes non-existent, and the risks of requests being lost in translation are daunting.

Finding a great partner, where orders are processed with speed and diligence, where fabrics are the products you specifically need and where the people are friendly, supportive and always looking to develop new solutions while maintaining high standards of quality, may seem that much more impossible.

Not to us.

At Asiatic (AFC), over 40 years of experience have made us understand how crucial our products are to our customers, and to the people who wear them. 

We have consistently remained uncompromising on quality and have dedicated ourselves to developing the perfect fabrics. Every day, we focus on finding new solutions to provide a full range of new fabrics and garments, which are more performant, more affordable and of even better quality.

In addition, we understand that good partners are those who listen to and care about the client’s needs. We support all our customers from the beginning of their projects to the end. We do whatever is necessary to solve their problems or to get their product approved by regulatory agencies.

With our in-depth knowledge of fabric and new product development, we consult, we deliver, we solve, we suggest. We are committed to our relationships because we see beyond the company; we see our business partners as people who had reasons to be apprehensive; and we change their minds.

AFC. Weaving Strong Partnerships