Ultra Pure PM 0.1 Mask Filter 2020-03-24

The mask filter has three layers, and each layer has its unique purpose. The outer layer is air-droplets blocker, that can preliminarily filter the majority of particles and air-droplet. The second layer is an AFC® filter pad, it embraces air-in area and air-out valve, to create an PM 2.5 filtration effect. The base layer is anti-bacterial layer, and it also brings anti-odor and anti-static effect (to diminish the adherence of particle). The anti-bacterial is a long-lasting and durable for several times of laundry. This mask filter is being tested that can effectively block, filter and form an excellent barrier of air-droplets, micro-particle, bacterial, dust, pollen and smog.


  •  Triple filtration, BFE & PFE ≥ 99%, tested by Nelson labs
  • PM 2.5 level, effectively filtering micro-particle and smog
  • Centralized air exchange area, to enhance filtering effect
  • Exceptional air valve design, bring comforts without sweltering
  • Long-lasting anti-bacterial, remains 99% even after 50 times laundry
  • Multi-functional fiber, brings anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-static (less particle adherence)
  • *BFE = Bacterial Filtration Efficiency; PFE = Particle Filtration Efficiency

    *PM = Particulate Matter