Ultra Pure–Light Breathing Filter

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Triple features
Effectively block PM0.1–PM2.5 and surgical smoke, filtration rate over 90%
2-way breathing function, creates trinity of protection, comfort and safety
Easy to combine with various filter mask

Product Description

The patented Light Breathing Filter has 2-way breathing function

  • Inhale filter zone – the filter can trap very fine particles PM0.1(0.1µm)–PM2.5(2.5µm), including pollen (5-200µm), mites (125µm), allergens (0.8-30µm), air-droplet (3-20µm), pollution (10µm) and also surgical smoke (0.1-5µm).
  • Exhale valve - quick air emission helps moisture control and reduce fogging on eyeglasses, brings comfort and safety.

Effective barrier for surgical smoke

Surgical smoke (or called Dioxin smoke) that generates in operating electrosurgical unit will cause harm to surgery staff. The typical particle size of surgical smoke is between PM0.1 (0.1µm) and PM5.0 (5µm), it might include harmful particles and chemical volatiles. The harmful particles are, such as blood molecules, bacteria, viruses and fungi. While, the chemical volatiles includes benzene, cyanide, formaldehyde, bioaerosols and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons carbon. The Light Breathing Filter can effectively filter surgical smoke and quickly emit air, to create a perfect trinity of protection, comfort and safety.


Easily combined with various filter masks as

  • Daily use for outdoor activities
  • Medical protective use for patients and visitors in healthcare setting
  • Occupational protective use for professions in high risk to exposure to germs, pollution and toxicity
  • Surgical smoke barrier on lasers, electro, orthopedic, ultrasonics and dental surgery