Surgical Coverings

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Product Description

AFC® surgical coverings is composed of AFC® Medical & Healthy fabric, and both fabrics and coverings conform to EN 13795 European Guideline and AAMI PB-70 US Guideline. The covering is microfiber polyester base, and by laminating with different fabrics, the surgical coverings performs the following functions. One is to protect patients from Hospital-acquired infection (HAI) with high water repellency processed. Another is to serve as sterile package that maintains the surgical gown and instruments without contamination. Therefore, our coverings is designed to reusable, non-linting, anti-static, high anti-slip, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, durable under several times of laundry, drying and auto-clave.


  •  Comply with EN 13795 European Guideline and AAMI PB-70 US Guideline
  • Processed with high water repellency, effectively reducing the risk of HAI
  • Bottom fabric brings highly rugged, non-linting and fluid impermeability
  • Upper fabric presents high absorption, effectively picking up operative fluid
  • Strengthened adhesion, abrasion, puncture resistance, anti-static property
  • Durable to high temperature laundry and sterilization procedure, e.g. auto-clave
  • Suggestion & Precaution 
  •  Processed with laundry, drying and auto-clave procedure to reach better Ingress Protection, and estimated to use maximum 100 times
  • The maximum times of use determines by individual conditions, only suggested no more than 100 times
  • Ironing temperature does not exceed 130℃
  • Do not use once damage found