Wearable Electrotherapy Conductive Garment

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Product Description

AFC® Wearable Electrotherapy Conductive Garment is just like any other clothing or textiles; it is comfortable, washable and easy to use. It combines the best of both fields, the best conductive fiber weaved into textiles such as gloves, sleeves and socks, combined with the innovative electrotherapy experience, establishing this product as the first, the one and only electrotherapy conductive garment.

Unlike traditional electrode, our Electrotherapy Conductive Garment can stimulate nerves on a larger area and designed as an all-compatible accessory for electrotherapy devices on the market that is also controllable with software (application) using smartphone or tablet to activate electrotherapy anywhere and anytime for a versatile electrotherapy, massage and even electrical muscle stimulation.


  • New generation electrotherapy conductive garments for comfortable electrotherapy.
  • Comprehensive and thorough electrical stimulation.
  • Washable, recommend to hand wash or delicate wash in washing machine with laundry bag.
  • Soft and reusable.
  • Compatible with most devices such as TENS, EMS, IFC, etc.
  • Controllable using smartphone/tablet application for therapy.


  • Paired with any TENS device.
  • Paired with any EMS device.
  • Electrotherapy garment & accessory.