Ultra Pure 3D Protection Activated Carbon Mask

Product No:


M: 11.2 CM(H)x 10.0 CM(W)
L: 13.5 CM(H)x 12.6 CM(W)

Product Description


1.Micro fine particle (2.5μm) filtration rate over 99%

2.Particles control - Effectively blocks allergens / smog / influenza

3.Activated carbon layer can adsorb pollutants and remove unpleasant odor in the air, eventually purifying the inhaled air

4.3D-shaped mask ensures a secure fit

5.Low resistance breathing and easily inhale / exhale as mask-free

Application:PM2.5 Environment

1.Pregnant women, patients with chronic respiratory disease or asthma

2.Occupational protective use for professions in high risk of exposure to pollutants and toxics, such as medical institutions, pesticide plants, laboratories, etc.

3.Working environment with high level of dust particles, such as cement plants, petrochemical plants, metal grinding, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, renovations, janitorial services, etc.