EMI Shielding Fabric M02

Product No:

Composition: 80% Polyester Filament Yarn + 20% Metal Fiber
Weight: 190 g/y (136 g/m2) ±5%

Product Description


AFC® M02 Conductive Fabric is made of polyester filament yarnand metal fiber for excellent conductivity, protecting daily life and work environment from electrostatic discharge (ESD) hazard. It is also breathable and comfortable, applicable to daily necessities such as, bedding supplies, aprons, curtains, etc.

Besides its electrostatic dissipative properties, AFC® M02 Conductive Fabric has an effective EMI shielding rate up to 99.99% in spectrum ranging from 1800MHz to 2.45GHz. Through its unique weave structure, it is bestowed with excellent durability and breathability that is suitable to be made into any EMI shielding textiles and apparel (work wear, aprons, curtain, etc.) for industries with EMI shielding needs such as electrical, communication, medical, biotech, aerospace, and other related industry.


  • Excellent conductivity.
  • High shielding effectiveness.
  • High breathability.
  • Washable.


  • ESD prevention textiles, recommended for general household and medical and healthcare use.
  • Electromagnetic radiation sensitive areas, such as electrical industry, medical, biotech, aerospace, and other related industries.