Cleanroom Wiper CK28

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Product Description

AFC ® CK28 Cleanroom Wiper, with features including high abrasion resistance, soft and smooth surface. The structure of PK knitting enhances the water absorbency and cleaning efficiency of the fabric. It is ideal for precision cleaning.


Style No. Clean ® CK28
Composition 100% Polyester
Weave Knitted Fabric
Weight 105 g/m 2±5%
Cut edge Laser Cut
Color Raw White


1.Excellent wiping performance


3.High abrasion resistance

4.High water and oil absorbency

5.Low linting

6.Low particle level, low NVR, and low extractable ions

7.Low chemical reactivity, thus it is compatible with most solvents (IPA, Alcohol, etc.)


1.Applicable to Class 10-1000 cleanroom

2.Suitable for semiconductor industry, optoelectronics industry, cleaning and maintenance of optical instruments (lens, camera equipment), photomask, precision instruments, etc.

3.Production process of vehicle light