Smart Heated Eye Mask

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iQmax® Smart HeatedEye Mask is composed of thermal textiles and pioneering smart heated modules. The top-quality mask adopts skin-friendly and soft functional fabric that is designed to retain and conduct heat, effectively and evenly, all over the surface of the mask, thus assuring ample comfort for the eyes. The corresponding iQmax® Smart Heated Module allows easy adjustments of heating power and timer through the app in smart devices (either smartphones or tablets), offering desirable warm compress to puffy and dry eyes, and meanwhile, being worry-free for overheating.


  • USB On-The-Go design for smart devices, hence improving usage convenience
  • Warm compress is beneficial to relieving eye strain and dryness
  • Three-stage temperature control with timer
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Mask is washable after removing the smart heated module


iQmax® Smart Heated Module


  • Excellent endurance of repeated folding
  • AFC® unique connection design highly increases the tensile strength
  • Well-distributed wiring leads to efficient heat conduction
  • Can be directly connected to either smartphone or tablet
  • Compatible with Android