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Cutting-edge functional intelligence
Value creations for textiles

Cutting-edge functional intelligence
Value creations for textiles

Asiatic Fiber Corporation’s business is based on the research and development of special fiber and high-performance fiber products, with the main products being technical textiles for industrial use. These have dust-free, sterile, static prevention properties, and have applications in industrial protection and healthcare.The corporate strategy is based on the three pillars of value creation, balance of interests and sustainable operations.

Industry Pioneer of Cleanroom and Anti-static Products in Asia

Industry Pioneer of Cleanroom and Anti-static Products in Asia

Being the leading manufacturer of functional and smart textiles in Taiwan, Asiatic Fiber Corporation has obtained 32 domestic and international patents, and its products are sold in 62 countries worldwide.With a solid foundation of producing cleanroom and conductive fabrics, the company started investing in developing smart clothing in 2015, launching a new in-house brand, iQmax® that broke out of the typical apparel mold. The brand uses various innovative fibers combined with wearable devices to turn fibers and fabrics into smart textiles, which has applications in industry, protective gear, medical use, and healthcare.

Weaving strong partnerships

strong partnerships

Our Mission

Showing the world the endless possibilities of the functional and smart textile industry

Asiatic Fiber Corporation is an innovation-driven, unique, and flexible organization.We adhere to a business philosophy of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and satisfaction, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and show the world the endless possibilities of the textile industry.We are committed to the development of innovative, functional and smart textiles, and strive for a more advanced and better working environment and quality of life.

Our Vision

Quality Care for a Quality Life

Creating a clean, safe, and healthy society is Asiatic Fiber Corporation’s promise.We believe that every work environment and lifestyle should continuously be improved.

Our Core Values

Establishing Close Partnerships with Customers

We believe that Functional and smart textiles can create a better life, work, and society. Our more than 40 years of experience helps us understand the importance of products to customers, so we insist on quality and continuous innovation to create more advanced and better products. We also provide consulting and product solutions to customers, becoming their business partner of choice.

“Conductivity” and “shielding” are the two core capabilities we use to create high-performance fiber products that prevents particle adsorption from dust, viruses, human dander, etc., helping industrial and healthcare environments stay dust-free, sterile, and static-free, and in doing so, ensure that companies maintain their competitiveness.

– Chen Ming-tsung, Chairman of Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Award-winning Breakthrough Innovation

Collaboration with the Government

Over the years, we have collaborated with the government and actively participated in various innovation projects. These include the projects run by the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Foreign Trade and Industrial Development Bureau, as well as Subsidies and Incentives for Taipei Industry, Service Industry Research and Development Assistance, and Small Business Innovation Research.

Patented Technology

We obtained more than 35 patented technologies, making continuous breakthroughs in functional and smart textile technology, thereby becoming a global leader in fiber technology.

Certifications and Awards

We continued to innovate and expand into new areas, such as extending the business scope to outdoor products, combining textiles and electronics, and developing innovative products. We also received considerable acclaim for lighting and heating products.

Who We Are

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