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How COVID-19 is Pushing Hospitals to Reduce Waste

Can Wearing a Raincoat Prevent the Epidemic?

Be careful that the non-protective isolation gown is by your side!

Taiwan spearheads smart, functional textile innovation

Taiwan’s solid functional textiles industry is branching out to smart fibers, taking advantage of its advanced technologies and strong backing from local organizations. Article link:

貿易局攜手紡拓會 擬計畫助業者開拓國際商機

經濟部國際貿易局委託紡拓會執行的109年度「紡織品整合行銷與商機開發計畫」,日前在紡拓大樓17樓會議室舉辦成果發表會。成果發表會中除由紡拓會執行團隊說明計畫成果及現場靜態展示受輔導廠商執行成果外,也分別由晶安公司、仁美商標及豪紳纖維3家企業代表親自分享寶貴的行銷經驗。同場並邀請數位行銷專家-麥肯廣告公司張志浩執行長以「後疫情時代運用數位行銷開創商機」為題發表演說,現場參加人潮踴躍、氣氛熱絡。 豪紳相當榮幸可以與業界先進分享心得,也很開心可以了解其他廠商的寶貴行銷經驗,期許未來透過此計畫,讓更多紡織業者能運用此資源! 完整報導:  

2020 SEMICON 展會

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