The Change in Medical & Cleanroom Clothing

Online Product Launch

About This Event

Two trending topics people discussed most in 2021 – Antimicrobial and Go Green! Do you know cleanroom apparels not only need good particle filtration, but also anti-bacterial in critical pandemic period?  Do you know taking reusable isolation gowns can reduce solid waste by 93%~99%?

Reusable clothing – a necessary solution to pandemic and environmental problems

As of March 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has increased demand for medical PPE by as much as 300-400% and continues to grow. This situation has caused both problems in supply chains and increased negative environmental impacts due to the growing consumption of disposable medical PPE. A change in policy by hospital facilities and governments is therefore required. Due to increasing demand and quality concerns, AFC is bringing the highest quality medical apparel to the market through improved R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC) will hold an online product launch in August and introduce the advantages of reusable industrial and medical textiles. We will showcase how AFC products are better for your business and the environment.